JNWINOG 11Pcs-Cocktail Shaker Set Black Bartending Kit 25oz Cocktail Bar Set Cocktail Mix Drink Making Kit Professional Bar and Home Drink Bar Tools for Bartender(Matte Black)


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Barware Tool Sets

 Barware Tool Sets  

JNWINOG 11Pcs-Cocktail Shaker Set

  • 25 oz stainless steel shaker: Used to mix cocktails and ice cubes, After putting the drinks and ice cubes in the shaker, you can shake them.
  • Strainer: This is used to cover the upper part of the cocktail glass. The filter prevents sauces such as ice cubes and fruits from being poured into the drinking cup.Barware Tool Sets
  • 10-inch mixing spoon: The spoon is shallow, has a long handle, and has a spiral shape. It is used to stir drinks.
  • Jigger: The jigger is used to measure various liquids when preparing cocktails and other mixed beverages.
  • 2 liquor pourers: The wine spout is installed on the mouth of the wine bottle to control the amount of wine poured.
  • Muddler: The serrated end can be used to crush ice or mash into a paste.
  • Ice tongs: This is a stainless steel tool used to grip ice cubes.
  • Fine Mesh Screen: Stainless steel mesh screen can be used to make juice drinks.
  • Double lever corkscrew: Used to open the cork on the wine bottle.
  • Bamboo stand: You can put all the wine utensils neatly on them. 

Barware Tool Sets


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